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About Turkey

2024 Turkey has a population of 86 million
(1,07 % of the World Population)

Turkey area codes are three digits long
followed by a seven long end number.

When dialing into Turkey start with the country code +90
Ankara +90 312
Istanbul +90 212 or +90 216

When dialing from inside Turkey start with the national code 00

PBof Turkey
Globe Turkey
Phone Book of the World


part of a Telecom story
that goes back to 1671

Whitepages.com.tr edited from Cremerie de Paris,
a historic Telecom Hotspot in the French capital.
Back in 1671 were invented at our Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB),
the Royal Postal Services for King Louis XIV.

Cremerie de Paris
Horses were carrying letters via hundreds of Post Relais of the Pajot & Rouillé
and the Thurn & Taxis postal families.
When a letter was really important,
Louis XIV liked to come by in person to give it to our postmaster
Louis Leon Pajot.
The 3rd Bourbon King enjoyed watching post horses
arrive at a house which he already knew from his childhood.

Cremerie de Paris
The postmaster
Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis (1681 - 1739)
and his Posthorm are part of our Logo.
Anselm Franz arranged the postal connections for a good part of the road.

By the way the Posthorn of the Turkish
also goers back to the one of the Thurn & Taxis.

overland Post Roead to India
Map of Istanbul in 1720

1720s Carrying a letter from Paris to Istanbul
over a distance of 2.253 km
was very complicated
involving many different Posthorses
that had to cross France,
the Habsburg Territories handled
by the Thurn and Taxis Post
and the Balkans.

Letters from Paris to Turkey all started at VB / Cremerie de Paris
the exact same location from where Whitepages.com.tr are edited today.

The VB mansion has never changed as if time had stopped.
Even the water fountain for the Post Horses
is still in place.

Sadly our avant-garde Telecommunications activities came to an en in 1738.
But somehow Spirit of Telecomunications has stayed in the walls of our old VB Mension ...
just falling asleep for a long long time ...

1986 a 6 x great grandson of the above Postmaster
showed us the old VB mansion with all it's fascinating forgotten history.
The idea came up to wake up
Spirit of Telecommunications
- fallen asleep in the walls -
248 years before.

1987 It stated with a small avant-garde Sony Phone Boutique.
1995 opened an Internetcafe, the first in Paris.
1999 invention of the
Phone Book of the World.
2004 Whitepages for France and
Italy were added
2024 Whitepages for Turkey.

Two of the 7 x great grand children
of the old Postmaster
continue to follow what is going on with VB & the Whitepages,
a grandson who is a cool decorator
and a granddaughter that is very pretty, a little shy
like a girl from a fairy tale.

Today our historic Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB) turned into a
Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands.
They come by to set up spectacular Pop Up Store Expos.
or to shoot movies.
One event is more fun than the other.

The Gym of the TV Series Emily in Paris
was filmed at Cremerie de Paris / VB
the place from where are edited the Turkish White Pages.
Instagram @cremeriedeparisofficial